NPP big shot Deputy Chief Minister of Meghalaya Tynsong meets resigned Mizoram home minister

BREAKING NEWS: Meghalaya deputy chief minister-in R Lalzirliana a kawm, NPP leh Pu Zira

Defying all odds and protocol, Meghalaya deputy chief minister and senior NPP leader Prestone Tynsong today met R Lalzirliana at his home in Armed Veng, Aizawl, in what could be a merger of NPP and R Lalzirliana.

R Lalzirliana has been the most trusted aide of Lal Thanhawla after he was elected from the then Saitual constituency in 1998, he was the only Congress MLA from Aizawl district and the only MLA who spoke the official language of Mizoram fluently, he was elected again from the constituency in 2003, 2008 and 2013, during which he rose to prominence in the political structure of the Mizoram PCC.

Talking to NEWOW.IN R Lalzirliana, the Mizoram PCC vice president said that he met with the NPP deputy chief over certain business and that the meeting was politically irrelevant.

“I have just resigned from the home minister’s post, all I can say now is that the deputy chief minister of Meghalaya has paid me a visit,” R Lalzirliana said.
Prestone Tynsong told that his visit was a courtesy visit and that the resignation of R Lalzirliana and his un-protocol visit was just a co-incidence.

“R Lalzirliana is a good friend of mine, his son passed away just a months ago, I just gave him a visit, my visit has nothing to do with the Congress political turmoil of Mizoram Congress,” Prestone Tynsong told

Meghalaya deputy chef minister’s visit to the bereaved Congress leader lasted for just half an hour, but according to a source who was present at the meeting told NE.NOW.IN that the meeting has nothing to do with the Mizoram PCC leadership confusion.

“Dy. CM has to follow protocol, but he decided that we ditched all the security for the visit to R Lalzirliana,” a source from the meeting told

On Friday R Lalzirliana, the vice president of Mizoram PCC tendered his resignation from the post of cabinet minister after Disciplinary Committee of MPCC issued him show cause notice and sought explanation after he said that different political parties had made offer to him for the upcoming assembly election.

R.Lalzirliana said that his resignation is mainly due to the Congress led Government’s failure to implement Saitual, the area of his constituency, into a full fledged District as promised by the Chief Minister Lal Thanhawla.

Saitual is the major town of Tawi constituency, where R.Lalzirliana is serving his fourth term as an MLA.

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