Mizoram PCC loyalty scanner over its number two and home minister R Lalzirliana

Ruahtui kham khawp hmuh loh a pawi : Rural Development Minister R. Lalzirliana

Tensions are boiling at the Congress Bhavan after a show cause notice was given yesterday to its number two R Lalzirliana, the Mizoram PCC vice president and the present home minister of Lal Thanhawla led Congress government of Mizoram.

Sources said the disciplinary committee of the Mizoram PCC has recently met with the vice president R Lalzirliana after he made a statement that he was being approached by the opposition Mizo National Front party. “The notice was served yesterday asking R Lalzirliana to clarify the speeches he had made and cite reasons as to why he must evade disciplinary action from the party,” sources said.

The show cause notice asked R Lalzirliana, who is serving his fourth term as a legislator from Tawi constituency to comply on or before Friday this week.

It has been reported that the Mizoram Congress second man R Lalzirliana and the chief minister Lal Thanhawla are not in the best of their terms since long.

Satual division of Aizawl district, which falls within his MLA constituency was promised a district status by the top brass of the Congress including Rahul Gandhi on the eve of 2008 state assemble election, but chief minister Lal Thanhawla has for a number of times said no new district would be formed. The home minister has been facing the ire of the people of his consituency for long.

Recently R Lalzirliana has stated that he was approached by the largest opposition party – the Mizo National Front without stating loyalty to his party, according to sources from Congress Bhavan, this move by the home minister has angered lots of partymen.

According to one local weekly magazine The Frontier Despatch, the disciplinary committee chairman Lalpianthanga held a meeting with R Lalzirliana last week and they have reached an agreement that the home minister would pledge his loyalty at a party meeting, which due to prior official engagements and illness, he did not.

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