Mizoram government needs to step up effort to improve welfare of persons with disabilities

Aizawl, April 27, 2018

Person with Disabilities (PwD) chief commissioner Dr. Kamlesh Kumar Pandey on Friday said the Mizoram government has take more efforts in dealing with the welfare of ‘divyangjan’ or persons with disabilities.

Speaking to reporters Pandey said: “Though the state government has done good jobs, there are many gaps in fulfilling the needs of differently abled people. Many things have to be done in order to improve the conditions of divyang.”

“Mizoram is placed under ‘B’ category in terms of dealing with the welfare of differently abled people,” he added.
According to the chief commissioner, there are 15,160 differently abled people in Mizoram, according to 2011 census.

He said that about 11,290 disability certificates were issued till date including 531 certificates issued during the last financial year 2017-18. He added that the PwD rules of the state have been provisionally notified.

As far as education of the PwD is concerned, Pandey emphasized that separate department for differently abled persons should be opened in university and different colleges or establish separate institute for the PwD in order to uplift them in term of education.

Pandey said that 35,690 cases have been registered in the office of Chief Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities (CCPD) since its inception in September 1998 and 33,957 had been disposed off by the end of March this year.
Pandey also said that the CCPD has organized 40 mobile courts in 21 state across the country to reach out to the PwD and hear their grievances pertaining to availability of the benefits meant for them.

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