Landslide at stone quarry near Aizawl, kills at least four, two bodies recovered


Aizawl May 12, 2018

Police sources said at least three persons including one minor girl were confirmed dead at Zemawbawk on the outskirts of Aizawl when a stone quarry was hit by a landslide this morning.

Rescue operations are on and one body has been recovered, the recovered body is confirmed to be a minor girl helping out her relatives working at the stone quarry, according to police sources.

Eye witnesses and quarry workers who were at the site said that the toll could rise, saying that that they could not ascertain as to how many persons were working at the quarry when landslide hit.

“We saw two women, one girl and one man there when rocks came crumbling down, there could be more people under the rubble,” said an eye witness.

The Zemabawk branch Young Mizo Association (YMA) secretary said that efforts are on to recover the other bodies and that the State Disaster Response Force and the National Disaster Response Force are working their way through the thick piles of rocks.
Volunteers of the YMA are helping out the rescue force personnel and latest reports said that another body might be recovered very soon.

Rescue forces personnel opined that there were no sign of life after thorough examination of the site using life detector machines.

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