Hung Assembly at CADC, post poll alliance between MNF and BJP on cards


Aizawl, April 24, 2018

No single party could get the eleven minimum seats required to form majority in the Chakma Autonomous District Council, the council is headed for a hung assembly, it is likely that the two members of the Northeast Democratic Alliance (NEDA) – the Mizo National Front and the BJP could ally to form the new Chakma council government.

Counting of votes began today at council headquarter town of Chawngte; votes were polled in 19 of the 20 constituencies on April 20, 2018. The election to constituency of Fultuli was ‘stayed’ by the Gauhati High Court after complaint was lodged by the MNF over the disqualification of their candidate on ground that witness to his nomination being signed by a government employee.

The MNF party bagged majority seats winning eight seats, the INC got six seats and the BJP scored a dramatic five seats.

The Congress has claimed that the ‘stayed’ constituency of Fultuli was theirs by right and claimed their candidate Kali Kumar Tongchongya as elected unopposed, while the MNF claimed that the election was withheld and that fresh election would be held.

An insider from the Congress party camp said that the disappointing results were due to the party’s internal problems and that it did not reflect the true strength of the party in the Chakma autonomous council areas.

The MNF meanwhile claimed that the imminent fall of Congress has started. “It is certain that the MNF will form a new CADC government with the BJP, the Congress has no way to form a government there. The BJP forming an ally with the Congress is an impossible cry, and moreover the MNF and the BJP are part and parcel of NDA and also the NEDA,” Zoramthanga, president of the MNF said.

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