BJP high command yet to okay BJP-Cong alliance; MNF stakes claim to form CADC Govt

Aizawl April 29, 2018

Despite both MNF and Congress claim that they have enough support to make a new CADC government, the Mizoram governor Governor Lt Gen. (retd) Nirbhay Sharma has not yet given approval to the BJP-Congress nor the MNF claim.

On 26th April, the BJP leaders, including three elected members, met the Governor to stake claim for government formation. However the unusual alliance of the BJP and the Congress didn’t seem to win the confidence of the Governor.

Meanwhile on Saturday, the eight MNF MDCs along with party headquarters leaders met the Governor Nirbhay Sharma and stake claim to form a new CADC government, the claim is also being kept in abeyance by the Governor.

Immediately after the CADC polls results were declared which placed MNF as the single largest party with 8 seats, both party presidents stated that they have agreed to a post poll alliance and that they would form a new government.
However in a sudden twist, the five BJP MDCs signed an agreement with the Congress the very next day without the approval of their state headquarters and said they would form a new CADC government under the banner of United Legislature Party. But till now, an alliance with the Congress has not been accepted by the state and central BJP leadership.

Mizoram BJP state now has ruled out an alliance with both the Congress nor the MNF. According to State BJP President Prof. JV Hluna: “We have not yet formed a post-poll alliance with either the Congress or the MNF. We only formed the BJP Legislature Party which can be joined by the Congress or the MNF if they wish to do so.”
All the three parties needed 11 MDCs to form a simple majority in the Chakma Autonomous District Council. The MNF has eight, the Congress six and the BJP five. Either way, all the parties needed each other to form the new CADC government.

On Saturday, with their eight (8) MDCs, the MNF met the Governor to stake claim to form a new government, their CADC area president RM Chakma said that he was ready to face a vote of confidence.

But BJP with 5 Member of District Councils (MDCs) cannot itself form the government which needs a simple majority of 11 MDCs. Therefore, the statement of Hluna only implies that the BJP wants the 6 Congress MDCs to either merge with the BJP or start a new party. BJP government can also be formed with outside support by either MNF or Congress.

On the other end, on Saturday, the MNF has also submitted a petition to the Governor to appoint its CADC chief Rashik Mohan Chakma as Chief Executive Member. Interesting, the MNF also claims to have the required numbers to form the government.

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