AnSI experts to study human remains found in Mizoram

Skulls and skeletal remains of humans found in various caves in Mizoram are all set to be studied and analysed by the Anthropological Survey of India, in collaboration with Mizoram chapter of Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (Intach).

The convener of Intach’s Mizoram chapter, P. Rohmingthanga said the Anthropological Survey of India team from Shillong visited Mizoram last week for a discussion and preliminary studies.

The team is made up of regional officer R.R. Gowloog, assistant anthropologist G.K. Bera and statistician Elizabeth Lalawmkimi.

The team has agreed to take up the matter at the head office in Calcutta after which scientists and anthropologists will be sent to Mizoram to study and analyse the human skulls and bones.

Rohmingthanga said that many of the human skeletons found are taller in size than the Mizo’s stature and they might have belonged to other races that occupied the state before the Mizos came to this land.

The human skeletons were found in six to seven of the caves found in remote areas. Mizoram has many caves out of which Milu Puk and Lamsial Puk were discovered to have had a heap of human skeletons in them.

Rohmingthanga expressed hope that the study taken up by the Anthropological Survey of India will help historians in constructing Mizoram’s history.

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